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Live Blog: Kwame Kilpatrick Trial Day 11

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And Court is adjourned.  We'll see Mr. Allen again in the morning.  Allen has also been the subject of a news story or two during his time with the Mayor.

M.L. will have a complete wrap at 5 and 6, plus his personal take on today's trial on line in his "Takeaway."  Talk to you all in the morning.


Allen now talking about the "Barber Chair" room.  Allen says he saw Ferguson have meetings with Kwame in that room.  Says he also say Bernard go in for meetings.  THis is the room off the main suite of offices that Kwame used.  If YOu say M.L.'s story a couple of days ago he had a great picture of the Barber Chair.


Bullotta now showing pictures of the Mayors office.  ASking Allen to identify where people were sitting.


Allen says he asked the Mayor to ask the Donors to talk about all the money they had given and the Mayor didn't think it was a good idea.

Allen say Matthew Phillips was at the press conference to talk the Civic Fund.


Allen says they decided to have a press conference to "pull Steve Wilson's pants down in public."


Allen says the station sent over documents and got the info from a fax forwarding agency.  Allen says he was trying to get to the bottom of it.  He determined that someone posed as the Mayor to get the check.  Allen says he assumed it was STeve Wilson.

Allen says he "kept score" about the "cheap shots" leveled at the Mayor's office and used the deception to "push back" against the media and had the cops go after Wilson.

"aha, this is our chance to make Steve Wilson suffer a little."


Allen say he felt burned by the TV station because they didn't tell him about the check.

Allen says the Mayor told him the Civic Fund paid because he was doing Fund Raising.

Allen says it was the first time he heard about fund raising.


Allen says in the resulting story there was a document he hadn't seen before, it was the check for more than $8,000 from the Civic Fund.  Allen say he went to Beatty and the Mayor because he thought he sorta got caught with his hands down.


in the video Allen says "for the family trip the mayor paid for that trip."


Allen says he was interviewed by another reporter at the same television station.  Allen says he went down to talk to her.  She asked him the same line of questions as Wilson.  Allen says he told her the Mayor paid for his family.

looks like we're going to see some video.


Allen says he told Wilson that the City issued card was not used to pay for his family.


Allen says Wilson wanted to know if charges were made on a city owned card at the LaCosta resort.  Allen say he went to chief of Staff (Beatty)  Allen says he was going to say no, but after talking to the Mayor he found out that the Mayor said he used the city card to put the room on hold but paid for it with his personal credit card.


Allen say he helped facilitate Freedom of Information ACt requests by media.  Which is funny because all the FOIA requests we sent to the City back then got stonewalled.  Allen remembering a FOIA request from investigative reporter Steve  Wilson.


Got appointed Mayor's press secretary in may of 2006.  Allen say he got to know campaign people when he helped organize a debate at TV station.  Says he was asked to have coffee with then press secretary.  Got called in for an interview

Allen says he's a hometown guy and Kwame wanted to have as many hometown folks on staff as possible.  Started job July 2006.


The next witness is Matt Allen, this guy once worked for Fox 2.  He's another State Grad, got a criminal justice degree, went to the Army to pay for college, military police corp.  Worked for a private investigator.  Got into broadcasting in 1998.


Court is back in session.  WAting for the jury to be seated


If you wonder what the attorneys do to keep up their energy I found out one secret  Jim Thomas grabs a bag of California Medley, nuts, dried cranberries, and other healthy stuff. Rataj has a Granola Bar.  Saw them at the little court house coffee shop during the break.


SAuer says if it's on the list it was written out of the Civic Fund.  Thomas is running through the list of all the places that got money and Sauer says he doesn't  have specific recollection.  The Judge is now admonishing him for  using the document improperly.  The judge says it's not proper for him to read al the items on the list.  Thomas say he testing Sauer's recollection.  The Judge say she doesn't think he can do it that way.  Thomas says nothing further your honor.

Ten minute break.


Thomas back up, looking at a list of payees and compilation of checks done by Sauer.  Sauer agrees he put it together.

Thomas asking about check to greater area health council, Spain school board.  Sauer says not specifically.  Thomas asks if this is his document, Sauer says yes.

Sauer says he doesn't have a specific recollection of the checks but if it's on the list it was paid out of the Civic Fund.


Bullotta up, asking if SAuer knows of any fundraising efforts on the trips.  SAuer says he doesn't know of any fundraising efforts.  Bullotta asks if Sauer remember what time the spa treatments were.  SAuer says yes.  (The Spa treatments were in the afternoons so unless Kwame was going Denver for a Mayor conference he only hit the evening sessions.)


Gerald Evelyn is up asking about Bobby's travel to New ORleans.  Evelyn says you're just looking at the coupon and checking the math to see if they add up and didn't do anything else.  Sauer says that's right.

Evelyn wants to know is Sauer has any info that Bobby was actually in New Orleans,  SAuer says he didn't see any emails or texts talking about the trip.  Sauer says he did' have much to do with the Ferguson side of the investigation.


Thomas wants to know if CArlita had a role in raising money for Civic Fund.  Sauer says he's not aware of her role.

Thomas want to know if you're going to raise money on a national scale if it's appropriate to travel to where they live.  Sauer says he wasn't aware of any fundraising efforts on this trip.

Thomas is done.


Looking at LaCosta invoice now.  Thomas is calling for Check now to figure out why numbers don't match,  Sauer says they split the total between two rooms.  Thomas say thanks.

Thomas asks if sharing a room would be any more expensive and Sauer says it depends on a hotel.  They agree that there's no added expense on this invoice for double occupancy.

Thomas asks if he could write it off as a business expense and Sauer says it depends on what type of business you're doing.


Thomas looking at LaCosta REsort check again.  SAuer asking if Kwame's image was one of being married.  SAuer says yes.  Thomas asks if meeting people as himself would be proper. Sauer says yes.

Thomas asks if family is part of image and SAuer says his image is his image.

SAuer says it's possible to have a mixed purpose for a trip and did What did Sauer do to find out who Kwame talked to while he was meeting with.  SAuer says it appears to be a family trip and it doesn't appear to be a proper expense.  Sauer says he doesn't know who he spoke to or if he spoke with anyone.


Thomas wants to know if the check paid to the preschool "A Step Ahead" was a charitable contribution for the graduation ceremony and not for a personal purpose.  Thomas wants to know if SAuer checked the ages of Kwame's kids.  Sauer says now.  Thomas wants to know if Sauer thinks the preschool is an educational institution, Sauer says yes.

Thomas is back on trip to new Orleans by Bernard and Bobby and wants to know if Sauer knew if Kwame was involved in planning for Detroit Super bowl.  SAuer says yes. 


SAuer agrees that there was a cash payment but Sauer doesn't know what the cash payments covered.

Thomas asks if there was a credit card payment made to spa and other charges.  Sauer says there are other charges

Thomas asks; Whether I'm sleeping with her are not there may have been a business purpose to travel.  Sauer says yes.

Thomas asks if SAuer looked to see if the National Mayors Conference was meeting in Denver the week they were staying in Vale.  SAuer says he has no knowledge of those meetings.

Thomas asking if Sauer asked if Kwame had been anywhere else other that in the hotel getting a rubdown.  Those let's that questions slide.


Thomas just asked Sauer a whole lot of questions about what you'd put on your calendar if you wanted to hide the fact that you were having a business meeting with your lover.  Now he's asking if the whole spa bill was paid for by the Civic Fund and Sauer says there were some room charges paid for with other funds.


Thomas says there's no rule Kilpatrick had to say at a Holiday in when he traveled for business.  Sauer says he believed the trip was a Spa package.  They're now talking about the swanky resorts.

Thomas wants to know if there was another purpose for Kwame to go the resort.  Sauer doesn't know of any other purpose.


Thomas wants to know if paid trips would result in a tax violation.  SAuer says they weren't looking at tax violations for that year at that time.


Looking at Ayonna Kilpatrick from Civic Fund.  Thomas asking if Sauer agrees that Civic Fund had other purposes like get out the vote.  Thomas asks could they be paid out of Civic Fund.  SAuer says he believes that's possible.

SAuer says there were no documents supporting get out the vote.  Thomas asks if SAuer talked to Ayanna, he says no.  Doesn't know if she was asked, or answered the question what was the money for.


Thomas asks if going to college is or an educational purpose.  SAuer says yes.  And Here I thought college was for.... okay, I'm hearing my wife's voice in my ear again....


Thomas now asking if Sauer reviewed giving from Civic Fund. Sauer says yes.  Sauer says he remembers the Fund giving money to the NAACP.  Thomas is listing off the entities that got money from the Civic Fund.  SAuer says there was more than 3 million donated to Fund and it wouldn't surprise him to see that 400,000 was given to other charities and charitable organization.


Thomas asking about time message was sent, 5:55pm and asks Sauer if Beatty had a job other that having a relationship with Kilpatrick.  Sauer says it appears yes.

Now looking at tuition documents.  $2500 check.  Kilpatrick CivicFund check.

Thomas wants to know if in the articles there was a prescription against cutting a check to anyone with the same last name as Kwame for tuition.  Sauer says he didn't see one.

Thomas now showing to operate and act for charitable and educational purposes.  Thomas is asking is a scholarship would be considered charitable.  Sauer says yes.


Thomas wants to know if Sauer looked at evidence he thought was for personal purposes that would have been a tax issue.  Sauer say yes.

Jan 23 and 24 text on screen now.  Thomas says Beatty is on board of Civic Fund and Sauer says he saw her name listed on board but doesn't specifically know if she was on the board that day.


Now looking at the purpose portion of the articles.  Sauer says he looked at the IRS form 990 to see what the official purpose of the Fund.  Says he also looked at the state articles.  Sauer says he looked at the IRS documents.

Thomas wants to know if Sauer looked at the purpose to determine if there was a crime.  Sauer says sure.


Thomas now showing more Civic Fund paperwork,  This looks like it's from the articles of incorporation listed the trustees of fund.  Thomas is standing at the projector and there's no microphone so it's hard to hear but SAuer is saying Kwame's name isn't on the document and that Kwame had no official title with the Fund after 2002.


SAuer says he saw Kwame's signature on checks through mid-year in 2002.  Thomas wants to know if the Civic Fund used pre-signed checks.  Sauer says it could happen but considering the length of time involved it doesn't seem feasible.


Thomas showing Civic Fund file from IRS and that Beatty is listed as Treasurer.  Sauer agrees that Beatty has signed a lot of the checks.  Sauer says there were others who signed checks also.


Thomas says let's say the Kilpatrick Civic Fund had a legitimate purpose and Beatty worked for the fund would it be proper for the fund to pay for her services.  Sauer says yes.


Shea done Thomas up.  Thomas says this case is not about having an affair.  Sauer says it's not.


Sauer says he doesn't have knowledge that any travel expenses show up in Ferguson's or Bernard's bank accounts.


Shea asks if Sauer verified if tickets were used, Sauer says  did not.


Tiny print, both Sauer and Shea are joking about how hard it is to see.


Shea asks if Sauer is relying on the hand writing to prove that Bobby and Bernard got the tickets and Sauer say that and the numbers on the check from the Civic Fund matches up.


John Shea is now on Cross.  ASking about Joan Anderson travel INvice for Aug.  ASking about handwriting on the printed invoice. SAuer says all he knows is the Civic Fund paid for travel coupons.  SAuer says these tickets paid for Bobby and Bernard to travel to New Orleans.


Court back in session and Sauer is back on the stand.  asking about another check to Joan Anderson travel, Civic Fund Aug 14th 2002 for 1100 to pay for Christine May and Lauren Beatty, her two daughters, going from Detroit to LA.


During the break Kwame, Bobby, and Bernard were doing laps around the 8th floor, strolling and talking.  Several of the defense lawyers went down to the first floor.  And yes the TV reporter and the attorney who raised the ire of the Judge yesterday were again having a conversation but this time it was no where near the court room or the 8th floor.  As a matter of fact the 8th floor was pretty much cleared out except for the strolling trio of defendants.


The Judge is calling for a 20  minute break.  The defense attorneys are filing out of the room.


Back to Mayor calendar, nothing on Aug 12 2006, Aug 13th family trip do not schedule.  repeated through the whole week of the trip


CArlita got a pedicure, Kwame got a pedi and a mani according to the invoice from LaCosta.  Shows 2 rooms reserved by Civic Fund Check.  Sauer says records show a 7 night stay for more than $8,000


Yoga, Massages, Kwame must have been one relaxed Mayor.  And the Civic Fund was paying for it all.  I guess having a relaxed Mayor is good for the residents of Detroit.


deep tissue massage for 160 another type of massage for 140.


Invoice shows arrival dates for Mr and MRs Kilpatrick, Looks like a one week stay for the happy couple.   625 plus tax per night.  How do I get a fund like this?


Now looking at a civic fund check to Lacosta REsort and Spa signed by Beatty.  The memo line has a string of numbers.  photo of Lacosta REsort in CAlifornia.  Another swanky place.


Bobby Ferguson also traveled to New Orleans, Sauer says it looks like they were on the same flight.


Now looking at a check from Civic Fund to Joan Anderson Travel signed by Beatty and Kwame.  Sauer says he subpoenaed documents including invoice that shows travel by Bernard Kilpatrick from Detroit to New Orleans.


Nov 9 2002 text between Beatty and Kwame.  everything ok Beatty says I guess, Beatty come to ticket counter when you drop off carI'll meet you when you get in.  now saying 400 bucks a piece, Kwame say get a civic fund check out of my bag.  Beatty says it fine all cool now.


Looking at the Nov 6 2002 date with appointments.  Now looking at the 7th and the Sonnanalp entry,  say hold for Mayor, "gone fishing."


SAuer asked if he know that a concurrent investigation was going on and the Wayne co investigators wanted Kwame's official calendars.  SAuer aware and says after it was turned over to Wayne County Prosecutors the FBI got a copy.


Looking at the invoices from the resort.  Spa charges, $400 a night rooms,  (NOv 8 2002) plus pedicures, gentleman's facial, for Kwame.


Now looking at a check to the Sonnanalp Resort from the Civic Fund.  Showing a picture of the resort now.  It's in Vale, looks a bit like a medeivel castle, very swanky.

Kwame wrote in one Text, "stealing a moment with you is like it's supposed to be a reality anyway."


2002 texts.  These texts were the subject of the sidebar at the beginning of the day.  The Judge is receiving them over the defense's objection.

More stuff between Beatty a Kwame about room and travel plans being ready and Kwame ends with "all I need is you."


SAuer reading another text.  Beatty: did you just miss me, reply, I'm just leaving for Denver.  Then Kwame texts back his return flight info and Beatty asks if she should take the same flight.


Now looking at 4 checks written to Mongo and associates in 2004, signed by Beatty and Miller.  We're talking $8,000 to $6,000 dollars a check.  Mongo is a political consultant.  Whoa, here's a $30,000 check singed by Edgar and Milton.  More evidence that the Civic Fund was paying for the Kwame's race for Mayor.

April Edgar worked to the Mayor's office.  She's Beatty's sister and took over when Beatty left the Mayor's office.


Now looking at a check written to "A Step Ahead" the preschool attended by Kwame's kids.  Written by the funds.


Now looking at the text message PIN summary the government put together listing the names of the people associated with the PIN's. Confirmed that Beatty wrote the confirmation email saying Ayanna got paid.


Sauer now looking at checks to New York University and Tennessee State U.  These are tuition payments for Diarra and Jamilla, Kwame's sisters. 

Lo0king at text message saying can we write Bond a ck for 2000 civic." that's Ayanna Kilpatrick's sister.

Sorry about the interruption, I accidentally blew out half the blog and had to do a little recovery job.


SAuer now explaining that fraud is using a fax, phone, or email, to make personal gains through fraudulent means.


Sauer is testifying about what kind of crimes he was investigation, he's says tax fraud, mail fraud among others. If Kilpatrick used the mail to gain personally.


Gren says corporations provide yoga lessons to improve the health of their employees, less stress, more focus.

Thomas say nothing further, but then asks if any of the other defendants attended he says no.

Gren is excused, Agent Sauer is up next.


Thomas is asking when Gren was first contacted by the government. He's showing Gren a document, his first statement to prosecutors that has the date.

Gren says no IRS auditors, is now pointing out special agent Sauer. who is attached to the IRS.


Gren says a few women did show up at the lessons and that they were security officers attached to the Mayor.


Gren says the guys who showed up with the Mayor were different on different days, like there were different shifts. No kids or other associated with the Civic Fund showed up.

Thomas is up.


Next government witness is Brian Grenarader, pronounced Gren-uh-deer. He was an independent instructor for Keft's yoga studio and was Mayor Kilpatrick's yoga instructor. The lesson's were at Cobo hall there were as many as 5 other people with the Mayor. Grenarader says the guys with the Mayor all had guns, looked like his security team.

Also did classes at the Manoogian Mansion.


Keft is excused.


Thomas is asking about group lessons. Keft says she provided group lessons for corporation, individuals, and non-profits.

Keft says yoga is good for moral, team building. Yoga is a very spiritual, emotional, exercise.


Thomas is now cross examining. Thomas asks Keft's center provided the services but not Keft personally. Keft says yes.


Keft gave Kwame yoga instruction and got paid by the Civic Fund. The check they are now looking at was signed by Christine Beatty. I'd like to make a few jokes about why Beatty may have thought it important to keep Kwame in good shape but my wife told me to keep things professional.


The first witness is Radmilla Keft, a yoga instructor. Keft is a young woman with long black hair, she's wearing a black short jacket over a gray dress. Yes, I can hear the wags back at the news room saying there he goes again with the fashion thing. actually, I'm hoping my photographer is watching so he can get a picture of her when she leaves the court after her testimony.


This is a really long sidebar. While the attorneys are talking to the Judge, Kwame, Bernard, and Bobby Ferguson are talking at the back of the defense table.

And They're back.


"All rise." Court is in session and the Judge immediately called for a sidebar with the attorneys.


The video feed from the court room is on. Kwame Kilpatrick's attorney is talking to Federal PRosecutor Mike Bullotta. Kwame Kilpatrick is sitting at the defense table talking to Bobby Ferguson and his attorney Gerald Evelyn .


The lights are on in the overflow room.  I heard a little more about the Judge admonishing attorneys and the media about conversations in the court room.  Seems one of the attorneys and a reporter were having a conversation during a beak about their dogs.  The Judge is now expected to issue an order barring all conversations between the attorneys and press anywhere on the 8th floor  We'll see if the Honorable Nancy Edmunds starts with that out of the gate this  morning.

8:15 am

Good Morning from the Theodore Levin Federal Court House in a slightly soggy downtown Detroit.

Ken Martinek is Senior Producer -Investigations for Fox 2 News

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