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Live Blog: Kwame Kilpatrick Trial Day 12

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  • Detroit councilwoman wants transparency on tinted window issue

    Detroit councilwoman wants transparency on tinted window issue

    Tuesday, August 26 2014 9:12 PM EDT2014-08-27 01:12:02 GMT
    After months of trying to get Detroit City Council woman Mary Sheffield to call back, she finally reached out - but not to answer questions, to call Fox 2 out.
    After months of trying to get Detroit City Council woman Mary Sheffield to call back, she finally reached out - but not to answer questions, to call Fox 2 out.
  • Why do some Detroit council members have tinted front windows?

    Why do some Detroit council members have tinted front windows?

    Thursday, August 21 2014 7:27 PM EDT2014-08-21 23:27:50 GMT
    A recent report from Fox 2's M.L. Elrick about Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Sheffield sparked some interesting response from viewers. Several of you raised the question via emailed or by commenting on social media as to why her front windows were tinted.
    A recent report from Fox 2's M.L. Elrick about Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Sheffield sparked some interesting response from viewers. Several of you raised the question via emailed or by commenting on social media as to why her front windows were tinted.
  • Woodward Dream Cruise kicks off 20th year

    Woodward Dream Cruise kicks off 20th year

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    The 20th Woodward Dream Cruise kicks off Saturday showcasing thousands of classic cars.Fox 2's resident classic car enthusiast M. L. Elrick took to the streets with his 1962 Pontiac Tempest to experience the ride firsthand.
    The 20th Woodward Dream Cruise kicks off Saturday showcasing thousands of classic cars.Fox 2's resident classic car enthusiast M. L. Elrick took to the streets with his 1962 Pontiac Tempest to experience the ride firsthand.


Thomas asks if mayor made good and apologized and Fleming says yes.

Thomas wants to know who pays for redecorating.  Fleming says the society.

Fleming is excuse.

No trial Friday or Monday and court is adjourned.


Thomas asks if she had any reason to believe appraisal was not for fair market value.  Fleming says it was fair market value.

Fleming says check was written on wrong account, Mayor says he told her Nneka made the mistake.  SAys she was aware that Kwame made check good.


Thomas on cross. Wants to now what Mansion looked like after Archers moved out.  Vaguely.


Fleming says she gave first check to doorman and assumed Nneka picked it up.  Says Kwame told her he'd donate the check to Restoration Society.  She doesn't know if he actually donated the money.


Fleming says she talked to CivicFund Lawyer and he told her to return check because Kwame wasn't supposed to pay for it with civic Fund Money.


Fleming asked if she took golfing trips on the Manoogian Account. No. Doesn't know if other board members did.


Fleming says she doesn't know if Nneka made personal purchases with debit card.  Judge says she doesn't know if witness has foundation to answer questions about checks.

prosecutor now asking if Fleming signed checks, yes.

did she know if Nneka made payments to Toy R us.  Fleming says the only way she can answer the question is the way she can't and she's trying to follow the rules.


Judge Edmunds wanted to know if they could get this witness in and out by 1:00pm but it looks like they'll be in sidebars until then.  okay they're coming back.


Thomas has objections now.  Prosecutor Doeh says he doesn't understand the objection and asks for Another sidebar.


Sorry, that was Rataj objecting.  Fleming asked if Nneka asked her to sign checks.  She says she was going out of town and signed the checks.  SAys she found out about debit card for mansion from Newspaper.


Fleming says Nneka was appointed to keep the accounts for the Mansion.  Thomas has an objection, sidebar with Judge.


Fleming says she called Mayor and told him they could not accept Civic Fund Check.


Fleming says the check she received was written on the Civic Fund Account. $10,000, 9/4/2008.


Says just like previous Mayors they'd write a personal check for the stuff they wanted to keep.

Fleming says Mayor told her that Nneka would deliver a check.  Mayor's cousin.  Fleming says Nneka dropped off check.


Says she and Carlita walked around the Mansion with the appraisers and picked out which furniture they wanted to keep.

Looking at a list of those items on the screen now.


Says all the outgoing Mayors had choice of which pieces of furniture they could buy when the left.  Had two appraisals done.  Fleming says she new Kwame when he was a state rep and knew his Mom.


Says the Mansion is a residence donated by the Manoogian family for Mayors of Detroit and their families to live in.  Says society was in charge of doing restoration and buying furniture.


Court back in session, next witness is Mary Fleming.  She's retired.  Was a board member of the Manoogian Mansion Society.


Edgar is excused.  Ten Minute break.


Shea asks if it appears Bernard was staying alone and Edgar says yes.  Edgar says Bernard didn't ask her to make the reservation and she had no conversations with Bernard.  Edgar says she can't say if Bernard knew it was paid for with Civic Fund Money.


Shea asks if invoice says 1 adult no kids.  Edgar says yes.  Shea asks if she sees that nobody stayed in the room but it was a guaranteed room so it was charged anyway.  Edgar says yes.


Shea asks if she knew Carlita was house shopping.  Edgar says not specifically.  Shea asking now about second reservation for Bernard.  Edgar says it appears that Bernard accompanied Carlita to Texas while  his son was in Jail.


Looking for Invoice from Hilton for Carla Kitchen 12/2/2008.  Shea asks if Edgar put her own address on the invoice for security.  Edgar says they were out of the Manoogian so she didn't have an address to use


Shea asking if she knew what role Bernard had in Civic Fund.  Edgar says no.

Edgar says she wouldn't have any reason to know what Bernard did to earn money from Civic Fund or if he was owed money from before she started with the fund.


Shea asking if her time working for Fund was short and her role was limited. yes.

says she wrote checks at direction of somebody else, didn't do any fund raising, no event planning, didn't hire contractors, just sent checks at direction of somebody else, didn't regularly make deposits, didn't balance check book.


Evelyn asking about periodic sessions where the Mayor went out to meet the public.  Edgar says yes.

She is up now for Bernard.


Ferguson's lawyer up no, Gerald Evelyn.  Asking if she was aware that people would come up to see mayor.  Edgar says Ferguson would wait in lobby to be summoned like everyone else.


Edgar says she was contacted by government and told the Fund was under investigation and she turned over the books

Says she was aware that money was paid pack to Fund but not who paid it.


Edgar says she's not aware of any clause in Articles that prohibit using fund for education Kwame's relatives.


Thomas says nobody took a salary from Civic Fund. Edgar says true.  Edgar says she's not exactly sure what could or could not be paid out of fund.

Thomas is now going back to the Civic Fund Articles of incorporation.

He's used these to good effect in showing that the purpose of the fund was in part for education.  he's asking if The Summer camp was a place to go play.


Thomas asks if Civic Fund board agreed to pay transition costs.  Edgar say yes.  Thomas asks if lawyer for fund was there.  Edgar can't recall.


Thomas want to know if Mayor raised issue that Civic Fund was going to be shut down. yes.  Did he ask if transition costs could be paid. yes.  Edgar says transition costs meant moving out on Manoogian and temporary housing while they looked for another place to live. 


Thomas asks if crime was being addressed at a time when the Mayor was under attack. Yes.

Ahh, They're talking about the Book Kwame put out.  Thomas is asking is Edgar knew Beatty was working on the book.  Edgar says yes.  so this is apparently how Thomas is explaining the big payout to Beatty at the end of her tenure, payment for her work on putting the book together.


Edgars says she changed the names on reservations for security purposes, did she know media followed kids to school.  Judge asks Thomas to rephrase questions because he's testifying.

He's changing the phrasing.


Looking at a brochure now.  Thomas is standing at the projector again, off mic, and he's nearly impossible to hear.


Thomas want to know if it was important to the Civic Fund to have the Mayor's image addressed in a positive way.  Edgar says yes.  I can understand that a manicure would be good for his image, maybe a nice place to live would be good for his image, can't have the Mayor living in a dump.  but who sees the Mayor's pedicured Feet?


Thomas asking about her sister Christine Beatty.  Edgar says working for Beatty was hard but in a good way.

Says media was unfair to her sister.  Man are we bad guys today.   Sounds like getting picked on by the media is a defense against fraud charges. (I'm not biased or anything ;)


Thomas now asks if Edgar saw anyone giving Kwame money at the party, she says she doesn't recall.


Edgar says she was aware that Kwame was looking for a place to live in both Texas and Detroit,  she took check to his Detroit apartment.

Says she knew CArlita and the kids were looking for place to live.

Edgar describes gathering when Kwame got out of jail.  Thomas asks if she was not aware people were giving him money to him when they came in.  Judge admonished Thomas for injecting evidence.


Thomas asks if Civic Fund had board of directors.  Edgar went through the list of names on the board.

Edgar being asked about mood in office when Mayor resigned.  Edgar says sad, sad for herself and everyone else.  Edgar says she knew about Mayor agreeing to resign and his guilty plea.

Thomas asks if she knew when Mayor was going to Jail.  Edgar says Sept.


Edgar testifying about issues Mayor faced, like text scandal, going to Canada and spending a day in jail.

Says she knows lawyers were coming into town but not why they were there.  Says she never felt like she was doing anything illegal when she wrote the checks.  Agrees with Thomas that Mayor was under siege by media.

Doesn't know if there was drop in contributions to Civic Fund.


Thomas asks if work for fund and Mayor were separate.  Edgar says it was all together.  Says mood in office was dark and terrible during text scandal.  Says media was unfair.


Edgar says Mayor was good to her, was an active Mayor, she was in charge of his scheduling, kept the schedule on computer.  Mayor would sometimes put personal things on calendar.  did not put civic fund events on calendar.


$10,000 to Manoogian Mansion REstoriation Fund.

Thomas up to cross.


Says she left employ of Mayor in Sept 2008 and went to work for LaSalle construction.  Says she nneka Cheeks is Mayor's cousin.  Also says she know Jamilla Evens another cousin and knows Emma Bell.  Says she would hear from Bell when Bell made deposit into the Civic Fund.  Edgar would tell mayor.


Edgar says there was a gathering she attended after Kwame got out of jail in Feb 2009.  Says Kwame gave her cash to pay off his credit card bills.  3-4 thousand.


$2500 to Antheneum International BAnquet.  Edgar says she recalls there was a party but she doesn't know who the party was for.  I should have used a spreadsheet for this blog , all these number.


Edgar says she gave check to Kwame's sister.


$15,492 cashier's check to Ayanna for Mayor's moving costs to University Moving company.


$5000 check to Dedan Milton signed by Kandia Milton.  Edgars says she doesn not know Dedan's official position with the administration.


Note on invoice says they'd like to put reservation in a different name because the media was hounding the family.


$1228 to Great Wolf Lodge for CArlita and the kids.  They took more vacations in 2008 than I've taken in the last ten years.  We're back to "CArla Kitchen" now.  and the check matches the invoice.


$1000  to REgality Management Services and another for 2350 to rent apartment.  Edgar's says she met the Mayor at the apartment  to give him the checks.  and a third check for $9400 for 4 month lease.


check to BDM transport for $5000. 9/15/2008 and 9/16/08 for $2000. Says Mayor told her to write checks.  She wasn't sure if the checks were for moving stuff from Mayor's office or from Mansion or  if stuff went to Mayor's apartment.


Edgar says she attended a meeting about the Civic Fund around the time the Mayor was going to resign about how the funds were going to be distributed to various organizations, now she would be paid for bookkeeping, and to pay for moving funds for Mayor's family.  Fund was winding down and going to end.


Another check, Gaylord REsort, $1875, Edgar asked if the reservation was canceled, she doesn't recall.  Bullotta asks her to read.  says canceled paid with check.  Edgar doesn't recall if Civic Fund Got money back.


$1100 check to Irvine Marriott.  This is for Carlita Kilpatrick.  Wonder what happened to the nom-de-plume?  Edgar says she doesn't know why Carlita was going to California.  (Kwame has a sister that lives out there.)


More checks, these are to Northwest airlines for CArlita and the kids.  Edgar says she gave the checks to EPU (executive protection unit) to give to CArlita.


ASsistant prosecutor Bullotta resumes questioning Edgar.  Looking at checks to AVis far rental cars.  Edgar says the checks are for Kilpatrick's attorneys from out of town.  883, 745,762,850.  Someone should be adding all this up.


Court is back in session and we're waiting for Ferguson's ATtroney Gerald Evelyn.  The Judge just joked that he must be down at the snack shop getting pizza. 

The judge is moving ahead without him since Van Dusen and Rataj are present.  and Her comes Evelyn.


And the Judge has called for a 20 minute break.  Kwame leaves the room, followed by Bobby.  Bernard is listening to his attorney John Shea explain something at the defense table.  Back in a few.


More checks to Hilton. $1735, for 2 rooms.  Edgar says she wrote the check because Ayanna told 'her to.  $1574 check for 2 more rooms.  Carla Kitchen again, cooking' up deception.


HIlton INvoice, 9/18 though 9/28.  Ten days, Edgar says she doesn't know who was going.

Asked if she made a reservation for Malon Clift, says no.


ANother reservation for Wesley Ferguson.  Edgar doesn't remember making this one.

More checks, to Hilton in Dallas.  $5,180, 9/12/2008.  Edgar wrote the check.  Says if Mayor wasn't in jail he would have told her to write the checks.


Now looking at a plane reservation for "Carla Kitchen.'  Edgar says this was for Carlita K.  Fake name for security reasons.  So my question is what kind of ID did they show airport security if they were using fake names?


$982 to Marriot in Plano Texas.  Sent if Fed Ex.


Edgar now describing check to Impact Strategies 5/1/2008 for $30,000.  Edgar says this was Judy Smith's company.  Doesn't know what she did with check.  same thing for another check for 49,000 and now a third to Impact Philosophy, Judy Smith again, for 20,000.


Edgar says she never questioned whether Bernard earned the money he was paid.  Says she doesn't know if Kwame was aware of what Ayanna was doing with the checks.


This check is for $20,000 says she doesn't remember if the Mayor told her to write the check or if his sister Ayanna told her to write it.  Says Ayanna started telling her when to write checks when the Mayor was in jail.


Now looking at checks to Maestro and Associates,  This is Bernard's company.  Edgar says she wrote the check because the Mayor told her to and never questioned why the Mayor was asking her to write checks.


Edgar says she Fed Ex' d check to camp.  Now looking at invoice from the Quantum Learning Center.  For kid's camp. 


Two more check's to Super CAmp, April 3 2008, Kandia signed as well, Edgar says this is for Kilpatrick kid's summer camp.   $4,500.


Now matching up the check with the Invoice.  Says she put anonymous names on reservations, Mayor's idea, because of what he was going through with Media at the time.  Kevin Kitchen is the name on the Ballantine reservation.


Now looking at a check to BAllantine Resort November 2008.  Edgar says she FEd E's a check.  SAys she made the reservations.


More Spa and Salon charges.  Note on invoice says credit card to hold room but bill will be paid by check.  send bill to assistant, that's Edgar.  Massage. Date and time April 5th 2008, 10am.


Exhibit 50 now, Invoice from 4 Seasons, Dallas, Kwame and Mrs. listed and guests.  Now comparing invoice and check, same amount.


Now looking at an air bill for shipping the check FEd EX to the 4 Season's.


No Looking at a check for 4 season hotel for 1,150.  Edgar asked why she wrote a check to  season.  "Because the Mayor told me to."

Says she wrote several checks to hotels.


Edgar says the Mayor asked her to have Milton sign checks ahead of time so they wouldn't have to hunt him down to sign when the Mayor needed a check written.


Edgar says on July 9, 2008 she and Kandia got a cashier's check for 69,000 to pay for brochures, telling what the Mayor has done for the city.  Now looking at a check to INland Press, 75,500, dated may 14th.  Looking at another Inland PRess check for 49,000


Now looking at check dated march 12 2008 for $50,00 written to Maiyen Consulting LLC, Beatty's company.  Says Kwame approved payment.  Now looking at another check for $60,000 signed by Edgar and Kandia Milton.  Says she ran the second check by Kwame as well and he approved it.  Memo line says retainer for consulting.  Edgar says she doesn't know what the money was for.


Says 2 people had to sign checks.  Looking now at checks written to Beatty's Company.


Says she had to go to bank of America to sign signature card to write checks.  Downtown branch in Guardian Building.  Went with Kandia Milton.  Who would take over as Chief of Staff.  Says she recognizes her signature and Milton's and Phillips the lawyer for the Civic Fund.


Says she worked on Mayor's schedule, kept schedule on computer,  now talking about March of 2008.  Edgar says Beatty resigned after text message scandal.

Edgar says she was asked to be a signer of checks for the Civic Fund.  The Mayor asked her.


Says she worked for the Detroit Building Authority, DPS, and in 2006 worked as the Mayor's scheduler.  Directed 2 ladies in the office.


Next witness is April Edgar.  She currently works as a secretary for the health alliance plan.

Edgar is a soft spoken middle aged black woman.  She's Christine Beatty's sister.  The Judge has asked her several times to speak up.


Bullotta on cross asks about Kwame meeting with Emma Bell.  Allen says he wasn't at those meetings and didn't know what went on.

Allen say it was totally fair of media to investigate Kwame's credit card use.

Allen was asked if he thought Kwame lied to him and says he felt there was "incremental" exposure to the things Kwame wanted him to know. 

He's excused.


Allen says he didn't know anything about how the Civic Fund worked.  Wasn't in his job description.

Says Kwame's relationship with the media never got any better.  Says everything went downhill after the Nelthrope Brown trial.

Says the media was unfair at times.


Allen says he never looked at the breakdown of the Lacosta Bill,  Doesn't know if Kwame separated payments.

Allen says he just assumed the Kilpatrick family was just on a trip.  Found out later about donors. Says he took what Kwame said at face value


Allen testifies that he found out that Wilson made a call and pretended to  be Kwame, after discovering this Allen says they called a press conference.

Allen say the Civic Fund Lawyer says Kwame met with high level donors.

Allen says the lawyer said revealing the donors would have a chilling effect on donations.  No disclosure at that time.


Thomas now asking about "hiccups" specifically the Lacosta vacation.  Thomas asking if sticky point wasn't Lacosta.  Allen says yes.

Thomas asking about Steve Wilson and if Allen discovered he did something inappropriate.  Allen say yes, that original question was if Mayor used city credit card to pay for vacation.  Allen says he demonstrated that the city cash wasn't used.


Thomas now asking about Emma Bell.  Allen says he saw Bell  flashing cash once, in New York City.  Says he never saw her give Kwame cash.


Thomas now asking about Beatty.  Allen says she was effective.


Allen says he tried to create a new bridge to the media, that relationship was strained when he got there and he says it "healed" a little after he got there.

Thomas asks what Kwame's relationship with Department heads was.  Allen says Kwame met with admin's core department heads weekly.


Jim Thomas now cross examining.   Thomas asking if Allen was effective.  Allen says for a time they had a great run, 13 months.  Says Kwame was effective as Mayor.  Says the only guy who got up before him was Kwame.  Kwame was hardest working guy in Detroit.


Court is in session, John Shea  is now cross examining Allen.  Shea is asking if Allen had met Bernard Kilpatrick prior to being hired by Kwame.  Allen says yes.

Shea is now asking if the Kilpatrick's held sensitive discussions in the "barber chair" room.  Allen says yes.


Kwame Kilpatrick's former press secretary Matt Allen will be on the stand again this morning. Yesterday afternoon we listened to him gleefully describe Kilpatrick's attempt to get revenge on a television reporter that uncovered the check from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund that paid for a Kilpatrick family vacation at a swanky resort out west.

Today it's the defense teams turn to question Allen.

8:50 am

Good morning. It's a busy morning at the Theodore Levin Federal Court House.  Thursday is Citizenship day and the line of people waiting to get in the building this morning was filled with smiling faces.

-Ken Martinek is Senior Producer -Investigations for Fox 2 News

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