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A Fish Out of Water in The Upcoming Election

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I am the victim of having a boyfriend who has recently become obsessed with fishing. All summer long, against my will, I have been dragged onto multiple docks, aboard a canoe into dirty swamps all over Michigan, and inside more bate shops then I ever knew existed.

I highly doubt my boyfriend will let the season change keep him from his newfound hobby either. It won't be long until I'm suited up head to toe in winter gear, only my eyes peeking out, as I sit on a crate in the middle of a frozen pond.

I can already envision him drilling a hole into the ice as I look up towards the sky and quietly mutter under my frosty breath, "why me?"

 With all the downtime in fishing, I've had a lot of time to think. On my most recent excursion, just another day in paradise, I began to contemplate the upcoming election.

Part of the reason why I loathe fishing, is because I'm deeply opposed to harming animals in any way. After the initial excitement of getting a bite, and reeling it in, I end up feeling sorry for the little sucker.

It reminds me of my initial excitement as President Obama took office, followed by sheer disappointment after I was left floundering and gasping for air for the next four years.

I am currently an undecided voter for the 2012 Election; still unconvinced if Romney can do the job, but resisting another four year term that resembles the hot mess my life has been under Obama's reign.

FOX News online reports that "over half, 53% of recent college graduates, are either unemployed or working jobs they are overqualified for."

In other words, landing a job with a college degree has become as likely as catching a fish without any bate on the end of your hook. Believe me, I've tried both.

The New York Times elaborates "employment rates have fallen sharply over the last two years, as well as starting salaries for those who can find work. What's more, only half of the jobs landed by new graduates even required a college degree."

This sparks the debate, was the money and time spent on earning a college degree even worth it?

 I have spoken with many college graduates who share similar struggles and concerns. Many of us are moved back in with mom and dad, having a difficult time finding work, taking jobs in different lines of work, or receiving bare minimum salaries that don't even begin to pay off college loan debts.

For the twenty-something age group It's hard to go after our dream careers when our resumes have a wide variety of odd jobs from babysitting to bar backing, if one has been lucky enough to even land those.

Employers demand an explanation from potential new hires as to why they have been jumping from job to job or out of work for a long period of time because they feel it shows a "lack of consistency and commitment."

My generation is not lazy or unskilled, but plagued by a terrible economy. According to Forbes, in 2009, we were in the worst recession since The Great Depression, and three years into the Obama recovery, household median income was down another 5 percent.

The U.S. Labor Department did an analysis on a sample size of college graduates aged 25 to 34 and found that the number of workers employed in food service, restaurants and bars had risen 17 percent in 2009 from 2008.

I am part of this statistic, settling for two waitressing jobs after graduating to pay my bills. Unfortunately, I was fired from both of them after spilling numerous times on customers and screwing up orders. I wish I had majored in balancing a tray, instead of spending hours balancing accounting equations in the business school.

The economic climate has also led twenty-something's to postpone marriage, which is not surprising when home ownership rates amongst the young have also plunged.  Scheduling a first date for cocktails in your childhood bedroom is not exactly ideal to most.    

A Gallup poll found 44 percent of those in the 18-29 age range, the demographic that supported the president almost 2-1 over John McCain in 2008, may not make an effort to cast a ballot this year. 

Why are young voters not taking a stance? Perhaps it's because we are fishing for answers and not finding them.  Trying to make it work, and working to make it. 

We are looking to be motivated, yet we feel defeated.  In these circumstances it's hard to care about a particular candidate when the truth is we don't feel inspired.  Inspire us to care.  Inspire us to vote.  We are fish out of water, and need a reason to jump back in.

I am hopeful for more answers in Monday's debate between President Obama and Governor Romney.  Hopeful for a president that will create a brighter future for my generation because as of now, neither candidate has me hooked.  


Brooklyn Sherman is a graduate of Michigan State University and Specs Howard School of Media Arts.  She is currently an intern at WJBK Fox 2 News.







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